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Quantum Leap Consulting (QLC) a Level 1-rated BEE software-technology Company based in Cape Town, South Africa, has recently acquired Third Quarter Technologies.

Third Quarter Technologies is a black empowered IT company that specialises in application development and support.

According to QLC Director Shafiq Daniels, this move will strengthen and consolidate its footprint, as well as bringing vastly superior, cost-effective services closer to its wide range of clients.

QLC Holdings (Pty) Ltd, trading as Quantum Leap Consulting, was formed in 2001 as a Western Cape-based software house, and maintained an equity in a company called Time Quantum Consulting.

In July 2004, Time Quantum Consulting sold its operations to the Paracon Holdings Group.  After successfully integrating the Paracon and TQC operations, the directors left Paracon. After honouring their restraint of trade period, the directors – who have nearly 100 years of experience between them – decided to re-open QLC.

Third Quarter – honoured in the Technology Top 100 awards – brings along with it a wealth of experience in the government and corporate sectors, Business Intelligence and in the Bespoke Development and Application Support arenas.

According to Daniels, Quantum Leap Consulting can be described as a medium-sized, owner-managed ICT organisation that prides itself on its ability to provide top quality, yet highly affordable solutions for a host of clients ranging from small to medium businesses to corporate clients.

Q3 Implements Skommerce

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on 25 February 2013 by

Third Quarter introduces Skommerce, dynamic new SMS application Skommerce is the revolutionary and innovative SMS purchasing application.
This website is focused on the client, shopper and vendor needs. Skommerce has recently completed its prototype version of its purchasing and payment application.

Skommerce is the ability to purchase practically any product or service by sending a simple SMS. This is achieved by introducing an innovative SMS gateway coupled with a convenient and secure payment platform.

The company will soon introduce the product to the South African market by signing up key retail vendors.
 Please visit for more details.


Q3 Develops LivingIslam

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on 25 February 2013 by

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Q3 is proud to have developed and implemented a much needed website in the muslim community.

"We are extremely proud to present this web site", said Thabiet, Technical Director. "It truly represents a team effort of intense research, originally spearheaded by the Boorhaanol Islam Movement, re-formulated and re-designed as a comprehensive website by Third Quarter Technologies." he further added.

Nuha Dramat, LI (Living Islam), Senior Administrator, stated that the information would be verified over the next week. "We will be working feverishly to validate and verify as much information as possible." she added.

The LivingIslam Project's short term goal is to verify and validate the information, then to make the data accessible and updateable by authorised people in the community. Furthermore, the medium goal is to expand on the database categories and to introduce a shopping portal to empower Islamic Organisations economically.

Please visit for more details.

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