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Application Support

QLC Application Services has brought a fresh and extremely user-friendly, tangible approach to Application Support. The key objective is to implement an operational framework that is dependable and streamlined.

Too often, organisations waste huge amounts of time and resources in trying to stabilise their application environment. This can so often be difficult and stressful, especially whilst having to keep applications operational at the same time. 
QLC Application Services has established a proven Support Provisioning Methodology as detailed below:

•    Service Migration

•    High Impact / Quick Wins
•    Collaborative Implementation
•    Stabilisation
•    Autopilot

Our Support Framework isn’t a complicated set of criteria, policies or standards. Rather, it speaks to real and tangible concepts, implementable in a local environment based on real development experience in large and medium sized corporates.

1)    The  Application Infrastructure Environment covers the physical infrastructure architecture of the application servers by focusing on the following:
•    Development Infrastructure

•    Security

•    Monitoring Tools

2)    Application Development and Enhancement focuses on:
•    Continuous Integration (CI)

•    Automated Application Testing

•    Operational Intelligence

3)   The Support and Maintenance Processes take the steps involved in logging an issue, through tracking the progress on the investigation of the fix to final notification of the deployment of the solution. The following are included:

•    Issue Tracking

•    Maintenance Process List
•    Roles and Responsibilities

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Quantum Leap Consulting (QLC) is a Level One rated BEE software-technology Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. QLC specialises in providing world-class services in the areas of Application Services, Network Services, as well as providing Resource Solutions to corporate Southern Africa.

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