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Contract Placements

QLC Resource Solutions provides companies with the selection and recruitment of ICT specialists. Our contractors are fully experienced and offer services ranges from Architecture, Business and Systems Analysis, Testing, Development Project Management and Administration, JAVA, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle specialists through to Executive Management.

QLC has extensive experience in the placing, managing and mentoring of ICT specialists. We ensure that the contractor adheres to the company’s objectives and strategies. We provide specialist contractors at competitive rates.

We pride ourselves at being extremely flexible in our business models. These are models that fit the individual project needs. We do not have a one-price-fits-all policy. We do not believe in flat fees, as this has proven not to be in the best interest of the client. Our margin percentages are also not cast in concrete, as the more senior contractors enjoy higher rates. We ensure that our clients enjoy lower percentages to keep the total cost to the minimum. Our referees will pay testimony to the above.

Application Services

QLC Application Services offers a full range of innovative e-business solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have a primary methodology for implementing solutions and maximizing quality.

We define the software components needed to build end-to-end solutions that meet specific business needs. Each Architecture has been designed, tested, and documented, so users can reduce the complexity, costs, and risks of deploying new technology in their enterprises.

Reduce costs, increase service levels, and improve manageability with our proven methodology, products and technologies - designed to help you consolidate to a common architecture of fewer, more powerful and better-utilized systems.

Our Security Architecture boasts a secure access and authentication with a consistent, scalable security model providing identity management, identity and service provisioning and application security.

Quantum Leap Consulting

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About Us

Quantum Leap Consulting (QLC) is a Level One rated BEE software-technology Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. QLC specialises in providing world-class services in the areas of Application Services, Network Services, as well as providing Resource Solutions to corporate Southern Africa.

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