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Bespoke Development

Bespoke software development is a customised software solution which is specially developed for you and your business. Having a tailored software system for your business allows you to record specialist information, or perform specific tasks, which an 'off-the-shelf' package won't let you do.

Understanding your business needs
At QLC Application Services we listen to our clients’ needs and ask the right questions to ensure that we really understand your business. We deliver scalable and future-proof bespoke software solutions that are the right ones to meet your requirements now, and in the future.

Improving your bottom line
In the initial consultancy process we will look for opportunities to improve the efficiency of your business processes. With every Bespoke Development project, our aim is to deliver a bespoke solution that not only meets all your requirements and goals, but also increases efficiency and reduces maintenance required to support a continually growing application.

Our software development processes
The project management and software development processes we use at QLC Application Services are flexible enough to cope with a wide range of company structures and sizes. The development process itself follows a rigid process where components are delivered in stages with clear milestones, so that you can see the progress being made and we can constantly tune the system to your specific needs.

We provide the following services:
•    Design and Architecture Services
•    Development and Implementation Services
•    Maintenance and Support

Since inception, our domain has been solutions that are medium independent, platform independent and database independent. To this end, we have chosen Java Technology as our primary technology. Its portfolio of products allows us to deploy browser-based applications that are secure, fast, portable, reliable and scalable.

Application Features

•    Multiple output mediums enable our applications to be accessible from any appropriate web device from virtually anywhere in the world.

•    Our applications support multiple portals that allow multiple business access to the same system.

•    Security is role-based and includes usage monitoring.

•    Services Oriented Architecture is an industry standard design architecture, enabling a modularised solution.

•    Applications are language independent and can easily be changed to most languages.

Application Development
At QLC Application Services we offer end-to-end development of applications tailored to the customer’s requirements. The service includes business analysis, design, development and the deployment of applications.

Support and Improve existing Applications
Improving an existing application is achieved through developing a front-end that integrates with the application. The application is made accessible from any appropriate device from anywhere, it has a new vibrant look-and-feel, additional functionality is added and the user interface is improved.

System Integration
The ability to provide browser-based front-ends to systems allows us to integrate systems that share information across platforms. The result is e-commerce that extends business processes to business partners and customers, both internally and externally. It removes duplication and allows processing closer to real time.

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Quantum Leap Consulting (QLC) is a Level One rated BEE software-technology Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. QLC specialises in providing world-class services in the areas of Application Services, Network Services, as well as providing Resource Solutions to corporate Southern Africa.

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