12 Mar 2013

Resource solutions focus on Contract and Permanent placements as well as Business Advisory Services.
At the end of every transaction, there are two people representing a department, a team, business division, and company. Each of these have their unique Culture, Circumstance, Vision and Requirements.
Our objective is therefore to at all times finds Solutions or People that will fit in, compliment and form formidable partnerships or associations.
We believe the better the relationship, the better the outcome.
As a result, we place lots of emphasis on Soft Skills, Cultures and the ultimate objectives. Our candidates are not selected merely on their technical competence (This just allows them the interview)
The softer issues are critical to our selection. All sorts of checks are undertaken including References, Technical (where possible), Criminal and Financial.
Every candidate placed on site is an extension of our brand.
Furthermore a solution only remains appropriate provided it is competitively priced.
Our pricing structures are tailored around the opportunity at hand. Having worked with us, our clients understands and enjoys our model.
Management are experienced IT professionals. All of our internal staff are suitably qualified in thier field. Every member has a reputable reputation in the market place.
We pride ourselves on being on site at least once per week. This allows us to be pro-active rather than reactive.
QLC employs all of the current search engines and social media facilities. In addition to the normal subscriptions, we have invested in internal software that allows us to provide our Contractors and Clients additional benefits. These include doing market surveys such as Market related Rate demands, Technical Supply and Demands .etc.
Our footprint of technical expertise have allowed us to form network of technical competencies. In event where similar projects are undertaken at other clients of ours, the lessons learnt are shared.
More importantly, we are passionate about our service offering and very aware of how we do it.

Quantum Leap Consulting

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Quantum Leap Consulting (QLC) is a Level One rated BEE software-technology Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. QLC specialises in providing world-class services in the areas of Application Services, Network Services, as well as providing Resource Solutions to corporate Southern Africa.

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