Success Stories

The following are projects successfully completed and ones we are still actively involved with:

•    Persal – we provided Development, Implementation and Support Consultants to Western, Eastern and Northern Cape.

•    Master Systems Plans – we have completed and are still busy drafting Master System Plans for various government departments within the Western Cape Government. We are currently assisting with the ICT plans for the various departments.

•    Microsoft Development – recently we completed a Statistical Analysis application for IV Aids for the Department of Health. This application won an international award during 2012 in Europe.

•    Fleet Management Application – we designed and developed a Fleet management system for the Department of Transport. This new system resulted in a massive cost saving which allowed the department to replenish their fleet. This system is currently being assessed by various provinces for potential implementation.

•    Permis Application – we successfully designed and developed the Western Government’s Personnel Management Information system. This system is being used to do performance assessments throughout the province.

•    Oracle Financials System – we recently implemented an Oracle Financials system in the Department of Transport. This system integrated into the Fleet Management system. The department received a clean audit from this system last year.

•    Novel to Microsoft Network Migration:  we successfully migrated more than 12,000 users from the Novel network system to a Microsoft one within a period of two years.

•    Architecture – we provide Enterprise, Business and Solutions Architects. We are also active in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Social Media space. At Shoprite recently we developed a first mobile discount voucher system via the cell phone.

•    Business analysis – we provide various Business Analysts to various clients. We were recently awarded the tender to provide the Western Cape Government with all of it Business Analysts via our subsidiary Third Quarter.

•    Project Office, Management and Coordination – We are instrumental in the establishment of Project Offices. We provide Program and Project Managers at all levels. We also provide Project Administrators and Coordinators to various projects including: Fleet Management at Transport, Permis (Personnel Key Performance Measurement), Safely Home .etc

•    Web Development – we provide Analysis, Design and Development expertise in this area.

•    Microsoft, NET and SharePoint Development – we provide Solution Architects, Systems Analysts and Developers in the Microsoft arena.

•    Business Intelligence – we designed the Standard and Framework for the Business Intelligence platform for the Western Cape Government. We are also providing BI Business Analysts and Developers to various clients.

•    ERP: SAP – we provide Functional and ABAP resources in various modules to clients.

•    Oracle – we provide Functional and Development and Training resources to clients. We recently completed an entire Oracle Financials implementation project.

•    Nature Conservation – we provide Cape Nature with their CRM, Permit and Reservation system/ERP.

•    Network & Infrastructure Projects – we have been busy with the migration from Novel to Microsoft project for the past two years. Our role is that of migrating the +- 20,000 users and the project management.

•    Application Development Projects – we undertake various projects whereby we either provide the Project Management, Analysts, Developers, Testers or some of them. Some of these systems have become transversal applications and are running at SITA, used by various provinces.

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